Friday, October 22, 2010

Omnibus New Stuff Post

Ahoy, gentle readers.  It's been almost a month that this blog has remained idle, and news has been slow to come here.  So, in sum, I will provide a short, handy summary of what I've been doing during this drought of posting.

First, my friends over at have made me a part of their reviewing team.  As part of their team, I get the opportunity to get samples of gear they need reviewed, and I make short video reviews about them.  Right now I'm doing it for the thrill of it, they aren't paying me - yet.  Maybe that will change with time.

Second, I've been playing more games than ever.  Since we last talked, my latest platinum trophy was for the game Midnight Club: Los Angeles.  I have since acquired and platinumed several more games.  These will be revealed after the break.