Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Closed] Here's your chance to win stuff! Yes!

My good friend Heather over at is having a GIANT blow-out contest going on RIGHT NOW!  You couldn't find a cooler thing to enter if Mr. Freeze was auctioning off his used tighty-whities.

More reliable than the Publishers Clearinghouse.

So here's the scoop: Heather is giving away OVER $500 in great swag to several lucky contestants in her newest contest, which is LIVE RIGHT NOW and waiting for your entry!  Included in this contest are such gems as:
Just visit Heather's official contest page, take a look at the rules, then enter yourself and whoever else you want to win this wonderful stuff!  You can enter once each day, so you and all your friends and family will have a mognostronomosity of chances to win!  Never mind the made-up word, it's true!

Why are you still here reading this?  Go and enter the contest already!  Someone who isn't you is probably winning already, and for that matter, it's NOT Charlie Sheen.  Good luck to all of you who enter the contest, and if you got in from here, tell Heather I sent ya.

Bonne Chance!