Saturday, September 25, 2010

Social Networking... the next big addiction problem?

If you're a fan of the television network A&E, then you may have seen a show called Intervention at least once.  The show focuses on someone who is or has abused addictive and potentially deadly substances, namely alcohol and narcotics.  Now, substance abuse is a very real problem, and it does take control over one's life.  My father was one such example.

However, a Pennsylvania university recently discovered that there might be a digital side to addiction.  The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology imposed a week-long, institution-wide ban on all social networking, including Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, with some very interesting results.

Being perpetually connected through social media can increase stress, weaken personal relationships, and even cause sleep loss, according to a U.S. university. [...] "The majority of students behaved much like smokers who sneak cigarettes after class," he said. "They would sneak off to check things on their smart phones."

Something to think about, when you check your latest tweets or review your friends' status updates.

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