Friday, May 28, 2010

Axes To Grind in 919

Earlier today, I found out that my best friend was banned from the Playstation Network on a charge I have never heard being issued before: scamming.

I am accused, on May 21st, of "scamming." Of trying to collect people's information for a website that generates PSN cards. The person I spoke to reviewed my activities on that day in the chat log but could not see anything. I told this person that I do not know of any website that generates PSN cards nor would I try to get people's pesonal information. This has come completely out of left field. What is the website?

I've known J-T-W-NY since December 2008, and she is one of the most honorable and upstanding people in the universe, and an accusation like this is far beyond the pale of human imagination.

We are both passionate users of the Playstation Home application, and have continually stuck by it through the numerous bugs, glitches, and hiccups that plague the app on a daily basis. I, personally, have served a suspension for a charge of "sexual harrassment" last year, and that was right out of left field for me as well. It's insulting to think that people like me and J-T-W, who have spent countless hours and several hundreds of dollars into this app, could be accused with such infractions as sexual harrassment or scamming.

My opinion? Someone doesn't like what someone else has to say.

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