Monday, May 24, 2010

Help me get a new PS3! Please?

Okay, yesterday my PS3 died for the third time. With money as tight as it is for me, and unsure if I will get this job I'm applying for, I would like just a little help in getting some money together to purchase a new console. Or don't, I'm not really expecting this thing to take off.


  1. Oh, Glenn, I'm SO sorry!! Didn't it just die recently and you had it fixed? Wouldn't the repair work still be under warranty? Goodness, how do your PS3s keep on dying?!
    I wish I could help contribute!! :( Sadly since I'm not working I have no moneys. I hope something works out, though!! I'll miss having you around on Home!! We should keep up over IM in the meantime.

  2. I did spring for the six-month warranty for the last repair back in March, but it seems like just a stopgap measure now, since I know the problem is the solder holding the CPU and GPU to the motherboard. Because Sony wanted to cut costs in assembly and promote a green agenda, they used such an inferior solder that during normal heating and cooling cycles, the solder spheres will just crack or bridge, thus destroying the electrical connection that...

    Oh, why waste my voice? Basically, I want to spring for a new console, and just give this Phatty the heave-ho once I get it fixed. And I appreciate the support, Heather. If you would still like to help, I would be indeed grateful is you could spread the word and pass this blog post along to as many friends and/or folks you can.