Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restricted Law Enforcement Use/For Export Only

Pardon my French, but give me a motherfucking break.

What do you twits over at ATF spend your money on? For being the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, I hardly see any action being taken on alcohol, tobacco, or explosives. When's the last time anybody read in the paper of an unlicensed bar being shut down by ATF? When's the last time ATF filed suit against Philip Morris for selling 700 billion metric tons of cancer-inducing twigs a year for a little over a century now? When's the last time ATF stopped some non-union mining operation from buying 800 pounds of commercial dynamite to construct a non-existent railroad tunnel?

You don't. You don't hear those news articles because nobody is concerned about alcohol or tobacco, or explosives anymore, because you can now buy them in bulk at the local Wal-Mart. They've gone by the wayside to make room for the real whipping post of the ignorant unwashed horde: FIREARMS. Oh noes, guns are terrible, bad bad things that don't serve any real purpose except to kill! Guns are mass murder hot seething molten liquid death penis extensions with their very own minds and hearts and legs and arms and gastrointestinal tracts that wander the streets killing innocent babies and kitties and puppies and police! Oly the military and police need guns!

Why? Why do you think only law enforcement and the military should have unfettered, unadulterated, unrestricted access to firearms, John Q. Socialist? "Because only the police and military are properly trained to use guns!" Hang on just a second here. If you ask any ordinary run-of-the-mill Johnny Flatfoot beat cop who patrols downtown Mayberry how often he shoots his duty weapon, the most likely answer given is "Usually at qualifications." So, once a year. That's one day out of 364/5 this officer, whom you unquestioningly trust to be there to protect your family whenever you dial 9-1-1, that he will fire his weapon. When he needs to re-qualify, to show he still looks competent in that spiffy blue uniform. Mileage may vary: some cops in the know, usually in places like Los Angeles, Detroit, or Atlanta, probably pull their weapons a lot, and most of the time, there's a good reason for it. But for the most part, Mr. Gumshoe only fires his weapon once a year. Now see if you can tell me with a straight face that that, in any conceivable sense, is proper training.

Tell me again, John Q. Stalin, why only police and the military should be allowed to have all the firearms, without question. "Because police and the military earned the right to be there, and therefore also earned the right to use guns!" So you're saying that the uniform, or the badge, makes a man some kind of supreme being who has all knowledge of firearms and their internal workings? Sorry pal, but a badge or a uniform does not make a man. Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marine, and he wore a uniform. Does that mean you think he should have owned a firearm? The Nazis wore uniforms. So the Nazis should have been the only people in Germany and Austria to own firearms? Rodrigo Duran, William and Joseph Ferguson wore uniforms. Duran was a member of the LA County Sheriffs, Wm Ferg was a member of the LAPD, and Jo Ferg was Wm's brother and a member of the Long Beach PD. They ALL wore uniforms, and had badges. They also led a group of gangsters who broke into peoples' homes to steal drugs, money, and guns. They also supplied all their cronies with stolen LAPD uniforms, badges, weapons, and other shit. So you're saying that these three crooked cops should be the only ones trusted with firearms? Police suicide is also a very big problem, and not because of access to firearms. Things like seeing friends get shot in the face, post-traumatic stress, double or triple shifts in a row, not knowing if you'll make it home to see your family this evening, these all contribute to officer suicide and it is a big problem. A police officer having all these emotions, and bearing a weak mind, could very well wander off into a crowd and open up with a department-issue weapon, and nobody in that crowd would stop him, because they are told never to question the law, or law enforcement.

So, with all these cards laid out on the table, I offer these solutions.

-Disband the ATF permanently. This is a federal law enforcement agency that is nothing more than a big joke. They, along with the FBI, are responsible for murdering innocent men, women and children in Waco, Texas thanks to Janet "Kill Them All" Reno, and should also be charged for the first-degree murder of Vicki Weaver, an unarmed woman who was shot in the face through her husband Randy, by famed FBI sniper Lon "Kill the bitch" Horiuchi, who is also now a corporate sponsor of H-S Precision riflestocks. Now, ATF will do absolutely anything to forcibly disarm American citizens, most preferably by force, and completely bankrupt legitimate, licensed gun dealers for such minor infractions as a few clerical errors on a single sheet of paper. Let the gangbangers loot, steal, rob and kill regular people, but gun shops, we gotta drive them out of business because they're not selling guns to criminals. Socialist scum.

-Repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. No other travesty has made a dent in American legislature more than these two pieces of shit. This also gave us the law enforcement/military restricted use bullshit. Excuse me a second for a minute here while I go off on another police tangent.

Since when was it decided that a uniform, or a badge, should make the man? Because apparently, it is common knowledge that anyone wearing a badge is a supreme being who knows all and sees all, and deserves to be the only human to own a firearm. Sorry to burst your collective bubbles, but a badge does not make the man. There is no reason to believe that simply wearing a badge with a blue uniform is the sole deciding factor for firearms ownership. Lest we forget the immortal words of Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern law enforcement: "The police are the people, and the people are the police." What this means, is that you and I are no different than Robocop over there. We are one and the same. The only difference is that I don't drive around in a black-and-white car all day, wear a blue uniform or a Sam Browne, don't have to contend with infringing on someone's 4th, 5th, or 16th Amendment rights, and don't have to report to the shift commander every night. A police officer is simply a citizen who swears to uphold the laws of the land and the state, and to protect and to serve the people. The only special powers a badge bestows upon somebody is the power to make an arrest and the power to appear in a starring role on Cops.

Back to the Gun Control Act. Repeal that shit, and remove the law enforcement restriction. There should be no special set-asides just for police, jest because they wear a badge. If a police agency can trust Joe the Flatfoot with an MP5 when he has no experience, except once a year at the qualification range, then why not let Joe the Armed Citizen have one too? I'm sure Joe the Armed Citizen would be more attentive to his gun, and actually shoot it on a regular basis. Let M-60s and Thompsons and American-180s and Calicos and MAC-10s and BARs back on gun store shelves. Same with all the now-lifted post-86 stuff like AK-101s, M249s, P90s, M4s, MP5s, PSG-1s, G3s, M16s, M240s, and all that good stuff. And also, kick HK's ass for reluctantly selling the half-assed "civilian" products. Put up or shut up, HK: either sell your full shit to the citizens, or close up shop and continue your socialist extortion by catering exclusively to military contracts. Same with Colt. The 1990s are over, get back into the citizen market. We could use those 1911s right about now.

The uniform does not make the man. The mind does. And I'm of a mind that thinks law enforcement/military restrictions are crap.

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