Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Featured Movie: New Feature

So I thought I'd try blogging about another interest of mine that's near and dear to my heart: movies. I wouldn't consider myself a cinephile; I don't run out to watch every new movie that appears in theaters, nor do I actively seek obscure titles or cult classics just because they're en vogue. I have an eclectic collection of films ranging from comedy to westerns, war classics and dramas, James Bond and Indiana Jones, pretty much a whole lot of everything.

Another one of my interesting quirks is the ability to absorb movies like a sponge. One of my favorite games of all time is one of my own creation, called Movie Quotes. What I do is say a line from a movie of my choosing, and everyone has to guess what it's from. I use especially innocuous quotes, or quotes from highly obscure titles that practically nobody would have seen unless they knew what they were looking for. Some of the answers I have gotten have been so funny, I almost pissed myself laughing on several occasions.

But as I have only two people following, there's no point in doing the game here, so I will simply write reviews of movies that I watch the most. Sometimes I'll do a double feature, themed reviews, maybe a Western week, a Dirty Harry week, Star Wars week, something like that. Coming up very soon, the first review will be Quigley Down Under.

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