Friday, June 18, 2010

Maybe I'll Have a Voice This Time

So last Friday, I was looking through my email when I spy a message from the Playstation Network. Usually I just give these a cursory glance and then move to the next unread message, but the subject line intrigued me.

L.A. gamers: join us for a focus group

OK, let's have a look-see at what it says.

Sony Computer Entertainment America will be conducting focus groups to discuss consoles, software and other gaming-related topics on the evening of June 24th in the Los Angeles area.

If you qualify,you will participate in a discussion lasting approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. All participants will be paid $100 each.

Because we want your unfiltered opinions, we have hired an independent research company named Focus Pointe Santa Monica to conduct these discussions. If you would like more information or would like to participate, please click here and fill out the questionnaire about yourself and the videogames you play. If you qualify, you will then be contacted as soon as possible to see if you are available.

Remember, we are looking for all sorts of different gamers, so just answer the questions honestly. We would love to hear your opinions!

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please click here and you will be contacted if you qualify.


Sony Computer Entertainment America

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A hundred dollars for my opinion? Hells yes I will. So what did I do? I clicked on the lovely little link and filled out my questionnaire, and waited. And waited.

On Tuesday, I got the call from them, and I got into the focus group. The voice on the other end of the line pretty much gave another questionnaire, rehashing what I had answered earlier to confirm I was who I said I was. A little redundant, but whatever. Anyway, after about twenty minutes of 20 Questions, I was told that I would get another call soon, so I am waiting on that. But overall, it looks like I'll be able to give Sony a piece of my mind, and get paid for it.

As a side note, they did ask a few questions about Playstation Home, and I am hoping that some of this discussion will be geared towards Home, so I will be able to throw my hat into the ring and tell it straight what I want to happen, and maybe I'll take some complaints from the peanut gallery too.

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