Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Sorry for the late post. So I managed to get my gaming rig hooked up and updated, using the CAT5 cable from the DVR in the other room, and got all my stuff up to date. So now I can play ArmA and Half-Life 2 again.

Secondly, I found a clip from a Bugs Bunny cartoon that I remember fondly, and it still gives me a chuckle to this day. It was banned for being culturally insensitive, but I remember seeing this cartoon almost every Saturday morning when I was a young'un. Here is Bugs Bunny and an Australian Aborigine having a war of words. Enjoy.

*EDIT: Apparently, Blogger is mulching Youtube vids in my posts, so here's a link to see the vid. You CLICK on it. :)

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